Are you a headshot photographer? Yes & no. I take traditional headshots at every session I shoot, but my service goes above & beyond a traditional headshot. I help you connect with your audience by telling your visual stories. If you just desire a headshot, I'm not your gal. But if you're ready for a complete visual upgrade, I'm here for ya!

What do you mean by "stories"?  You can read more about my storytelling method here

Where are you based & do you travel? I'm based in Knoxville, Tennessee but regularly serve clients all over. I am happy to travel for recurring & individual sessions, though some locations might require travel expense reimbursement. I never charge for my travel time. 

Can we come to you? Absolutely! Knoxville is a beautiful place to shoot. I'm even permitted to photograph in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 

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"I have never seen a photographer make their client such a priority. If you want a stress free photographer, choose Alex."

- Beth Hurst

What can I legally do with the images? You'll receive an unlimited commercial license. That means that you can use them to promote your brand indefinitely.  You will never have to negotiate a price for different uses. If you write a book & want to include a photo, go for it! The only things I ask are that you don't misrepresent that you or someone else took the photo & that you don't sell them as stock images. 

What type of editing is included? I edit the color & juice up the photo. I often correct blemishes, but I do not change body shape or size. I practice self-love & I extend that same love to you. I always work with posing to give you more confidence, but I will not alter your body in photoshop. 

How do you deliver the images & how long does it take?  Within one week, you'll receive an online gallery with a pin number that allows you to download the high resolution files. I know time is an asset to entrepreneurs & I want these photos in your hands as fast as I can. 

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How long do our sessions take? I allot one day on my calendar for each session. This doesn't mean your shoot will take a whole day- much of it will depend on your package, your story choices, and how much time you want to spend. Want three stories in an hour? We will make it happen. I'm here to work around your busy life.

When can we schedule our session? Most sessions are scheduled Monday-Thursday to reserve weekends for family. I will make exceptions when it feels necessary, but plan on sessions being on weekdays. 

Do you offer NDAs or copyright transfer for high-profile clients? Yes, for an additional fee. 

I'm ready! How do we book? Contact me to get started!