I help entrepreneurs connect with their audience through genuine visual storytelling

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Genuine Photos That Create Superfans

Your audience is dying to connect with you. They want to get to know you. They want to trust you.

But inconsistent, cheesy photos aren't cutting it anymore. The bar has been raised. They crave relatable images that tell your story.

Audiences don't want to be sold to, they want to fall in love with you.

What you are selling is the real deal & your visual content needs to reflect that.


Give Your Brand a Signature Look

A consistent style throughout all of your visual content helps elevate your personal brand.

I give your brand a consistent visual identity. Even through multiple shoots, you'll maintain your identity.

Looking for a custom visual style? I am happy to create a custom editing look just for you.

No more worrying if your new photos will fit in with the old.


Time is Money

As a entrepreneur, you know time is money.

Recurring shoots help you knock out photos in a day, saving you time. Plus you'll have peace of mind knowing you're already on the calendar for your next visual content refresh.

No more setting up tripods or working on selfies all day. Spend all that time doing something else to build your business- I got you.

I do it all while guaranteeing a turn-around time of one week.



I value inclusivity. I joyfully photograph people of all sexual orientations, physical abilities & sizes, gender expressions, religions, races, ages, & cultural identities.

I practice self-love & I extend that same love to you. I always work with posing to give you more confidence, but I will not retouch your body.


About Alex

I've been photographing stories professionally for over a decade. Everything from weddings to families to photojournalism to multi-day shoots for brands in the Caribbean.

What I've found throughout my visual career is that I really desire authenticity & I want to help you express your authentic self to your clients.

My authentic self can be seen pictured right. 2018 in Tibet at 12.500 feet altitude. See how happy I look? Little did I know I was likely a bit delirious from the intense altitude sickness that was about to engulf me!

When I'm not photographing, I love hanging out with my two rescue pups & Jeff. We're high school sweethearts, but still argue over whose turn it is to do the dishes. Our favorite hobby is chasing new foods & new experiences.

Self-proclaimed travel junkie, I'll meet you anywhere to create your branded content.


"Alex is very down to earth and awesome, and it was truly a joy to get to spend so much time with her! Seriously, book her now!!" -Nicole Hyder


Genuine Images for Genuine Connections