The Path to Solidifying Your Visual Content

I'm your photographer, your visual brand coach, and your cheerleader for the entire year. I help you build your shoots from the ground up, solidify a cohesive visual brand, and connect deeper with your audience. 

The Details

  • Two shoots per year
  • At least 100 photos per shoot
  • Pre-shoot planning consult + Post-shoot implementation guidance

I don't just show up, shoot, and deliver the images. I work with you from beginning to end to deliver a comprehensive photography experience.  This is more than just photography- it's a complete visual program that helps you connect with your audience.

What's Included?

  •  Two shoots per year custom built for your needs -  I'll have my day reserved just for you.  Our shoot will help share stories in your life & your work. At least 100 edited images guaranteed per shoot & delivery within one week.
  • Unlimited commercial license - You will have the rights to use the images indefinitely for commercial use. Write a book in a few years? That means no extra fees for you to use the images in a book. They're yours to use for your brand. No required photo credit. No watermarks.
  • Pre-Shoot Building Consultation -  This is where the magic happens. It's where I get to know your brand, your desires, and your stories. I help formulate ideas on turning your brand into visual content. Bonus? The more we work together, the less time you'll spend explaining your brand because I'll already know you.
  • Optimized Photo Gallery - Your photos will be in an optimized online gallery for quick access for you & your employees. You will receive the following folders: the full set, horizontal, vertical, Instagram (square or vertical optimized to the Instagram aspect ratio), and Facebook Newsfeed. 
  • Post-Shoot Implementation Guidance -  After the delivery of your images, I'll provide some suggestions on the best way to implement your new photos. What are the hero shots? Which ones will look great on your website header? 
  • Custom Editing Profile - If desired, I will create an entire custom editing profile for your brand.  If you have a current visual identity that you want to keep, I will work to match my edits to yours. If you have a dream editing profile, let me help you create it.
  • Biannual Visual Audit - After you've had your photos for a while, I'll give you a visual audit of how I think you are utilizing your images for your brand. I'll suggest ways you can improve your visual content. 

PLUS you'll get access to my exclusive, growing stock library. Only my clients have access to my stock library full of 100+ travel & nature photos. You are free to use them for your social media. I'll even edit them to fit your custom editing profile. You won't have to worry about people using similar photos because only a handful of people will have access to this stock library. I do not license these images publicly. 


Ready to get started on your path to visual brand goodness?

I'm only offering 8 spaces to best provide my clients with a custom experience.

The one year commitment is $750 per month.


Genuine Images for Genuine Connections